About this Blog

I started this blog to capture my deep and enduring love for all things boba, but also to give myself an outlet to express my thoughts on travel, life, events, and other things of interest.

I hope that you enjoy reading the posts and please feel free to contribute!

About Me

My name is Jake – I’m a tech consultant and event organizer based in Dallas, TX. My girlfriend, Lynn, a medical student, and I love to travel and experience new things together, and we decided to start this blog to work on documenting the things we do. Our main content for the blog is boba reviews, because we both love trying new boba places and it’s always been a part of how we travel and experience the world.

In my day job, I work as a tech consultant for a major firm, but outside of work, I help organize hackathons all around the US. Hackathons are basically overnight computer programming competitions, where teams of people work together to make cool new things within 24 hours. I helped found a company that hosts these events, so I get to travel a lot for that.

Travel-wise, I enjoy collecting points and miles and learning about the best ways to travel on the cheap. I’ve visited 17 countries (not including the US) and 29 states. I have elite status with Hertz, Marriott, and American Airlines.